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Zhengzhou Water Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The company is located in the core business district of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City, with a registered capital of 65.8 million yuan.

Water Energy is an energy-saving service enterprise registered by the National Development and Reform Commission (the second batch) and a double-soft enterprise identified by the Henan Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company has established a research and development center, which has formed a strong technical reserve and sustained scientific and technological research and development strength. Has obtained 15 patents and intellectual property rights.

Water Energy is committed to promoting energy conservation and consumption reduction, reducing carbon emissions, deeply tapping the needs of large high energy consumption enterprises, and providing platformized energy conservation services. Through strategic cooperation, venture capital, energy-saving services, integrated operations, etc., improve energy use efficiency, anti-risk capability, management level, and profitability of energy-consuming enterprises

For many years, Water Energy has customized energy-saving solutions for enterprises through the EMC (Contract Energy Management) model, and large-scale industrial energy-saving transformation projects invested in the Central Plains have brought continuous energy-saving benefits to energy-consuming enterprises. Aiming at the problems faced by the power and steel industries such as capacity reduction, tight capital chains, energy conservation and environmental protection, and technological upgrades, we have successively introduced scientific, reasonable, and targeted solutions, as well as advanced operation management concepts, to continuously improve the overall development level of partners. .

In 2017, Water Energy officially landed on the New Third Board (stock code: 871464), and started a new journey of capital operation. At the same time, after the reform of the national electricity sales side, the company obtained the electricity sales business qualification for the first time, and the newly formed electricity sales business team has taken a solid step towards this new field.

In the future, Water will continue to pay attention to the market demand of large energy-consuming enterprises such as steel and electric power, continue to innovate service models, and create an efficient energy-saving service platform; always standing at the forefront of the industry, in the form of strategic cooperation and risk investment, for high energy consumption. The development of the industry makes new and greater contributions!

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【Corporate purposes】

Great cause of energy saving for the benefit of mankind

[Development concept]

Empty glass mentality, advocating innovation

[Talent Concept]

We are the only one, the achievement is shared

[Team spirit]

Tough and hard work, keep improving

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Innovation honor

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