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资源、发展循环经济 、保护生态环境提供物质基础和技术保障的产业,是国家加快培育和发展的七大战略性新兴产业 之一。 Energy conservation and environmental protection industry refers to the industry that provides material foundation and technical guarantee for saving energy resources, developing circular economy , and protecting the ecological environment. It is one of the seven strategic emerging industries that the country has accelerated to cultivate and develop . The potential of China's industrial energy conservation is huge. Through energy conservation and emission reduction measures, energy input can be reduced and sustained and rapid economic growth can be achieved. Industry is the main body of the national economy, and it is also the main field of energy consumption and pollution emissions. China's industrial energy conservation field has great development potential.

把降低能源强度 、减少主要污染物排放总量、合理控制能源消费总量工作有机结合起来。 Water's energy efficiency management system is based on the advantages of modern computer technology, intensive energy-saving scheme design, energy-saving technology research and development, energy-saving product manufacturing, energy-saving consulting and evaluation, and the use of network communication technology and distributed control technology to establish an energy consumption monitoring and management system that can Realize the informationization, visualization, and controllability of the dynamic process of energy consumption. It has a good effect on the management, control and optimization of the energy consumption structure, process and elements in the production process of the enterprise. Without changing the existing technology, equipment, Under the conditions of hardware measures such as technology, strengthen management of energy utilization efficiency, reduce energy leakage rate, organically reduce the intensity of energy , reduce the total emissions of major pollutants, and rationally control the total energy consumption.

Informationization and visualization of energy consumption process, energy consumption / energy efficiency information statistics, intelligent management, and various energy consumption information statistical graphs, curves and reports automatically generated by the system, to provide users with energy consumption structure and energy consumption cost analysis basis and assessment Effects and associated effects of energy saving measures. Comparison and analysis of historical energy consumption data, the system has powerful historical energy consumption data tracing and analysis functions, so as to discover deep-seated problems in the structure and process of energy consumption, and propose solutions and suggestions for improving and optimizing the energy consumption structure and methods of enterprises .

Water's energy efficiency management system has been applied in many industries such as smelting, chemical industry, cement, steel, etc. Generally, it can reduce the production energy consumption of enterprises by 10-30%, bring huge economic benefits to users, and get widespread recognition and praise from users.

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