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Zhengzhou Wote Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The company is located in the core business district of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is an electricity sales company with 27 province-level payment centers that has been approved by the Beijing Electricity Exchange Center. Net filing funds of 260 million yuan.
The company has strong capital, scientific and technological strength, and has 15 technology patents in the field of energy conservation. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been focusing on industrial energy conservation services in the steel, cement, chemical, non-ferrous metals and other industries. Energy-saving service projects of high-energy-consuming enterprises such as limited liability companies, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Jiujiang Wire Co., Ltd., and Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group Co., Ltd., save about 30% on average.

Under the call of the Electric Power Reform Document No. 9, our company took the lead in obtaining electricity sales qualifications and formed a group of professional electricity sales business teams to continue to pay attention to the market demand of power users. With its strong strength and professional qualities of business personnel, Allows power users to fully enjoy the dividends of reform. Among them, the scale of our company's electricity sales business ranks among the top ten among Henan's 270 electricity sales companies and among the top three among independent electricity sales companies. The nationwide business is the first in the province. The current business scope has expanded to Hebei, Shanxi, Xinjiang and other provinces. At the same time, based on the electricity sales business, our company is committed to building a big data think tank and creating a power distribution company that integrates data analysis, intelligent management, and real-time collection and monitoring. In January 2018, in the Henan province's electricity market transactions, Water Energy's bilaterally negotiated transaction power was 3.823 billion kWh, with a market share of 4.14%, ranking it third in Henan Province in general.

Provide a series of services such as customer management, risk analysis, contract management, transaction management, and financial management for electricity sales. Through real-time monitoring in accordance with the grid agreement and high-precision acquisition based on the Internet of Things sensors, it provides support for big data analysis. The combination of software and hardware integrates automatic collection of customer energy usage to provide core support for subsequent load forecasting and deviation analysis.

In the future, Water Energy will continue to pay attention to the market demand of large energy-consuming enterprises such as steel and electric power, and provide enterprises with a full range of energy supply and management services including power saving, power generation, sales and distribution, and continuously innovate service models. Forms of strategic cooperation and venture investment, creating an efficient energy-saving service platform, and making new and greater contributions to the development of high-energy-consuming industries!

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