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    Industry 丨 Environmental Industry 3.0 How to leverage market forces

    Regardless of whether change is the criterion or restructuring as a ruler, the 3.0 era of environmental protection industry that is seeking to become the core is accelerating. So, how to build a pattern of environmental protection industry 3.0? How to build an effective market-oriented mechanism, leverage market forces to promote production ...

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  • 03


    Environmental protection 丨 Development status and market prospect analysis of waste heat power generation industry

    As early as 2010, China surpassed the United States to become the world's largest energy consumer. The primary energy consumption reached 3.606 billion tons of standard coal. After 2010, although energy consumption has slowed down, it has shown an overall growth trend, reaching 4.62 billion tons in 2018. Standard coal. Great energy consumption ...

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    China Economic Net-Water Power "Power +" Injects into Enterprises

    Comprehensive energy services, whether blue ocean or red ocean, are ultimately service-centric, customer-oriented, with the interests of partner companies as their starting point, and focusing on environmental benefits, in order to be able to enjoy continuous green development momentum. Integrated Energy Services, ...

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    Voice 丨 Water Energy was invited to participate in the

    Since the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Implementation Opinions on Establishing a Science and Technology Innovation Board and Pilot Registration System on the Shanghai Stock Exchange" on January 30 this year, as a major reform of China's capital market, the establishment of the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the registration system has been widely accepted The high attention of all over the world ...

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